Sema Educators Association organizes seminars for adult education as local. We have a web site and are planning to publish a magazine. We also organize meetings for teachers and for parents of students about personal improvement.The main activity of our organization is non-formal adult education. Currently has fifteen lecturers; we are competent and professional teachers. Every year our  staff is complemented by new lecturers, which can enrich provided knowledge by new topics and actual questions. Various organizations and clubs from different places of Turkey invite us with request for delivering lectures. Usually our association organizes one or two day's seminars with practical tasks.

SEMADER has been working actively in its territory and it has been helping in depth people at risk of social exclusion, particularly elderly people, physically disabled youth and immigrant women. To this extent,  over the past two years SEMADER has planned and organized computer courses for groups of  elderly people and physically disabled youth, who had a specific need  of training and socialization. Our activity might prevent  social exclusion and isolation, create networks and a sense of community through basic trainings.

Semader is in Istanbul city and Istanbul is a very famous city with it's cultural and historical monuments. Istanbul is 2010 cultural capital city of Europe also. Istanbul has 14 million population and there are too many immigrants from different parts of Turkey and this is a big disadvantage for people living in this big population. People do not have enough facilities and time to see cultural things of city and the Europe. Semader tries to make opportunity for disadvantages people of it's area by meetings, trainings, visits, and seminars.