Arrival in Munich airport (group from Greece)

Arrival in Munich airport (other groups)

8:45 Meeting in front of the Hotel Dolomit in Munich
Manching (10:00 Keltenschanze, 10:30 Keltenmuseum)
Ingolstadt (12:00 Audi Forum, Essen, 14:00 City of Ingolstadt)
18:00 Visit the city of  Schrobenhausen
18:45 Visit of the Volkshochschule (movies, presentations, work)
20:00 Dinner in Bauernbräu

Meeting at 09:00 in front of the Altstadthotel “Bauernbräu” in Schrobenhausen
09:15 By bus to Regensburg
11:00 Meeting the guide, tour through the “Roman Regensburg”
13:00 Lunch in Kneitinger
15:00 From Regensburg (Busbahnhof Prozentweiher) by bus to Bad Gögging
16:00 Visit of the Limes-Therme (Roman bath)
18:00 By bus from Bad Gögging to München
19:30 Hotel Dolomit
21:00 Dinner in Hotel Chrystal

Meeting at 10:00 in front of the Hotel Dolomit
Work on the project in Munich by foot:
Glyptothek, Antikensammlung, Pinakothek, Residence, Neoclassical Buildings, important places

Departure day