The Association of Friends of the Ancient Hellenic Civilization “Elefsis” has been created to fill a gap found in Cyprus concerning research, knowledge and historical truth with regard to the real dimensions and breadth of Hellenic Civilization.

Within this context, the Association has contributed to a wide variety of research subjects and has participated in numerous activities. Aims at the ethical defense and the restoration of Hellenism. 

The latter is not intended as a modern citizenship-nationality or racial continuity, but as a concise worldview and a system of values that refers to all civilized and qualitative individuals of the world. Considers the Human Being as a non-negotiable value. 

“Elefsis” is inspired by the principles of Humanitarianism, as conceived by the Greek Philosophers, the intelligentsia of the Antonine era and the great thinkers of the European Enlightenment.  The Association promotes faith and respect to Values, such as Country, Virtue, Dignity, Quality of Life, Nature.